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Sash windows company: restore,repair,refurbish, draught proof.

Welcome to the Sash Windows Company. We have been in business for over a decade and aim to help you with sash windows, draught proofing and double glazed sashes. The sash windows company will undertake any work from a simple overhaul right through to hundreds of replacement windows. We are equally capable of carrying out any scale of work, which is mainly due to our organised, prompt and efficient manner. We pride ourselves on our unique customer service. We offer a free no obligation quotation and you are sure to benefit from our experience.

Many homes in London have sash windows and they all suffer from similar problems. They rattle in the wind, they have excessive noise ingress, and are generally draughty. We can solve draughts and a proportion of the noise with our comprehensive draught proofing system. If you have a noise pollution issue we can help by double glazing your existing sash windows. There simply is not a sash window problem that we cannot solve. We have seen every problem in the business from a simple jammed sash window right through to a house riddled with dry rot.

We can help you with every aspect of sash window renovation and refurbishment. Being made of wood they need love, care and attention. You are repaid in aesthetics and character as well as being very practical and safe – if looked after properly. We have worked on windows in almost every condition imaginable. All of those windows have now been restored and to date are still all in excellent condition. The work we do carries a genuine five year guarantee and you can be sure that when we are finished you will be more than happy with your sash windows.

Full range of services


We offer a complete sash window repairs system and can assist you with anything related. We can have a solution for almost every single requirement you may have. Here is a list of simple sash window repairs we carry out to improve and maintain your sash windows:

Full Draught Proofing System – Our comprehensive draught proofing system can reduce draughts by 95%. Without a draught system you have an open whole in your window equivalent to 4 inches. Brush pile is inserted at least once into every perimeter section of the sash window.

Counterbalancing Sashes – If your sashes are dropping or lifting without effort your windows are probably out of balance and need adjustment.

Replacement sill – We can replace sills in any material of you choice.

Replacement Sashes – If you need a sash replacing we can replicate your original and once finished you may never recognise the window has been changed.

Re-installing Box Sash – If you have plastic or aluminium we are happy to reinstate your windows to their original glory.

Re-glazing – New glass can be added and replaced as you require. We have many glazing options and can supply all types of obscure glass.

Overhauling – Your Sash Windows may generally need a tidy up and new cords installed.

Replacement Box Sash Window –If your sash windows are beyond repair we can help you with full replacement.

General Repairs to Box Windows – We can carry out all types of splices to make good your sash windows without costly replacement.

Installing Security & Window Furniture – We can install Fasteners and Sash Stops to increase security and cover you in terms of insurance too.

Replacement Sash Pulleys – Occasionally your pulleys will break down and we can replace them like for like.

Sealing/Repointing Box to Brick – Your pointing will eventually need work. If required we can do this to ensure your windows are not allowing any water ingress.

Sash window repair prices


We offer a comprehensive range of services and prices vary upon many factors which makes it almost impossible to give a price set in stone without giving you a full site visit and quotation. We do however have rough guide prices based upon our years of experience and charging for sash window repairs. Below are typical pricing structures for London.

  • Sash Windows Overhaul & Draught Proof  Including furniture £197.40 – £260.40 inc VAT.
  • Overhaul & Draught Proof Opening Casement £84.00-£126.00 inc VAT.
  • Replacement Sill Section £96.00 – £144.00 inc VAT.
  • Reglazing from £44.65 inc VAT.
  • Pair of sashes installed with draught proofing system £696.00 inc VAT.
  • New Box Sash Complete from £1320.00 inc VAT.



Full London and Kent Service area

Our company offers sash windows services in Kent and London. We cover all areas of the Kent Coastline including Herne Bay, Whitstable, Ramsgate, Margate, Birchington, Deal, Dover and Folkestone. We also cover areas such as Canterbury, Tonbridge, Hythe, Dartford, Sevenoaks and Gravesend. We offer all types of service in these areas from simple sash window repairs right through to full sash window replacement. Our comprehensive range of sash window services.


We have a dedicated team and can usually offer a survey within five working days and organise a team to site within the month. We can, on some occasions provide a faster service but this is strictly at our discretion and relies on us having the availability to do so. We have carried out work throughout London and cover most areas such as Herne Hill, East Dulwich, Norwood, Clapham, Forest Hill, Catford, Blackheath, Greenwich, and Lee Green. We also service most areas in East London, West London and North London.

We have also carried out all types of services in and around the M25 and welcome enquiries from further afield. We have a large team and can accommodate for any size of work so please do not hesitate to call us as we still may be able to help you.