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Sash window repairs and what can be done

We have been repairing, restoring and draught proofing sash windows for over a decade in London. We know exactly how to tackle any sash window problem and with over 30 years of combined sash window experience, there is no sash window we cannot fix. In most cases we will be able to repair your sash windows, in rare occasions we may have to either replace a sash or fully replace your windows, a full replacement is required in about 5% of all the sash windows we service in London! Whether we carry out a sash window repair, restoration or replacement we always install a draught proofing system. Draught proofing does what it says on the tin, it will stop draughts, reduce noise and stop your windows from rattling. We can add many additional features to make your sash windows perfect such as double glazing, window security and window furniture. We are always happy to take any requests from our customers. Please contact us today for a free quote!

London is one of our busiest areas for sash window repairs. We always try to repair sash windows rather than replace there are three simple reasons for this, it’s cheaper for you, cheaper for us and its just as effective as replacements. With over 30 years of experience repairing sash windows we pretty much know everything there is to know. That’s not to say we don’t learn new things, we’re always looking for ways to improve the service we provide our customers in London.


Sash windows were designed to be repaired. That’s why where possible you should always try to get your windows repaired. We break down a sash window repair into several different jobs, they can change depending on the state of the window. Firstly we will take your sashes out to machine them in our vans, at this stage we will also repair any problems with your sashes like rot. Once we have made any repairs required, we then machine your sashes so we are able to install U-Section and Brush Pile as part of our draught proofing system. While this is being done someone will also be repairing any problems on your box like broken pulleys, often pulleys are painted shut and are easy to fix. Once we have carried out any repairs required we will begin to put your windows back together and install our draught proofing system to stop rattling, water ingress and help reduce noise pollution.

If you think your sash windows need repairing or want to find out more about sash window repairs in London then feel free to phone us on our number or send us an email.

We have been installing sash window draught proofing in London for many years. We have one of the most dedicated teams and service thousands of sash windows each year. We carry out sash window draught proofing on nearly all of the sash windows we service be it repair, overhaul or replacement. Installing a draught proofing system costs very little and it doesn’t take a lot of time but the benefits are massive. If your windows are at all draughty, noisy or allow water/debris ingress then a draught proofing system can eliminate all of those problems.


The way draught proofing works is quite simple. while the sash window is in our van we will machine a groove that allows us to fit U-Section and brush pile to the bottom and top rail of the top sash. We then fit U-Section and Brush Pile into Parting and staffing bead. With Brush Pile fitted to these parts of the sash window it creates a watertight seal which will block any draughts or rain. With no gaps in your windows any noise will be drastically cut but if noise is an issue with your property in London we would recommend having double glazing installed to form an even better defence against noise pollution.

If you would like to know more about our draught proofing system or would like to request a free no obligation quotation for your property in London then simply email or call us on our number.